Cover: Indonesian Dishes

Here is another food cover to make you hungry: a full set of stamps from Indonesia featuring regional dishes.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Food

Country: Indonesia
Date: 9th September 2013
Issued: 2010

Stamp Details

Left to right, top to bottom:

  • Sup Lobster Kelapa Muda, from West Sulawesi, 1/7
  • Gulai Iga Kemba’ang, from Bengkulu, 2/7
  • Ayam Cincane, from East Kalimantan, 3/7
  • Sate Udang Pentuk Asam Manis, from Jambi, 4/7
  • Lempah Kuning, from Bangka Belitung, 5/7
  • Asam Padeh Baung, from Riau, 6/7
  • Lapis Palaro, from North Maluku, 7/7

Thanks to Basora for this cover.


  1. Imagine, licking the back of what might become your dinner.


    1. I think Belgium issued a set of chocolate-flavoured stamps recently :)


      1. Now, that is something I could certainly get into.


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