Stamps: Star Wars

This is one of the more unusual stamp series in my collection: the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

United States Postal Service (USPS) issued 15 stamps in this series, featuring characters (and space vehicles) from episodes I to VI. No Jabba the Hut, though.

USPS 2007 Star Wars Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker
USPS 2007 Star Wars Princess Leia and R2D2
Princess Leia and R2-D2
USPS 2007 Star Wars C3PO
USPS 2007 Star Wars Chewbacca and Han Solo
Chewbacca and Han Solo
USPS 2007 Star Wars Millenium Falcon
The Millenium Falcon
USPS 2007 Star Wars X-wing
X-Wing Starfighter
USPS 2007 Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi
USPS 2007 Star Wars Yoda
Master Yoda
USPS 2007 Star Wars Darth Vader
Darth Vader
USPS 2007 Star Wars Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi
Anakin Skywalker vs Obi-Wan Kenobi
USPS 2007 Star Wars Stormtroopers
Imperial Stormtroopers
USPS 2007 Star Wars Boba Fett
Boba Fett
USPS 2007 Star Wars Darth Maul
Darth Maul
USPS 2007 Star Wars Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine
USPS 2007 Star Wars Queen Padme
Queen Padme Amidala

Country: United States of America
Issue Date: 25th May 2007

Star Wars Day

May 25th is considered by Hollywood as “Star Wars Day”; Star Wars (episode IV) premiered on 25th May 1977. However, all Star Wars fans know that Star Wars Day is May 4th. Click here for some background and theories about Star Wars Day. I seriously doubt the “May Fourth Movement” connection though, I mean, come on.

Commemorative Sheet

The stamps are available together on a commemorative sheet (below left). The back of the sheet provides a brief intro to the movie franchise and a short “bio” of each character (below right). Click the images to zoom in.

USPS 2007 Star Wars 1600px
Commemorative sheet
USPS 2007 Star Wars back 1600px
Issue details on the back of the sheet

The People’s Favourite, He Is

USPS 2007 Star Wars Yoda stamp from sheetI think that if you wanted to buy these stamps in 2007 (they are no longer on sale from USPS), you could only buy them on this sheet (or maybe individually over the counter). Only one of these stamps was issued on a regular stamp sheet: After a competition run by USPS, the American public voted Yoda their favourite character from this series, and so USPS honoured the Jedi Master with his own stamp sheet. Here is one of the Yoda “sheet” stamps. As you can see, the image is the same but the design is slightly different.


In my collection, I also have a set of USPS stamped postcards of this issue. In true Star Wars figurine style, they are in their original packaging.

USPS Postcards Star Wars 2007
USPS Star Wars stamped postcards
USPS Postcards Star Wars 2007 back
Back of the pack

The back of the pack states: “Package Not Suitable for Philatelic Archiving”. Fair enough. However, with the humidity here, the whole of Thailand is probably not suitable for philatelic archiving. I try to keep my collection climate-controlled. I just hope it doesn’t turn to dust and mould in years to come.

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