FDC: Long-Horned Beetles

Here is another great Chunghwa Post FDC from my good stamp friend Douglas in Taiwan: Long-Horned Beetles, 4th series.

The cancellations show the year in the Minguo calendar: 102. The Minguo calendar started in 1912 (Gregorian). For details, check Wikipedia.

Stamps FDC Cover Taiwan 2013 Long-Horned Beetles 4

Country: Taiwan (Republic of China)
Date of Issue: 28th August 2013

Stamp Details

From left to right:

  • Parandra lanyuana
  • Bunothorax takasagoensis
  • Oplatocera mandibulata
  • Cyrtoclytus kusamai

Unfortunately, I can’t find common names for any of these chaps. So much for the internet.

Thanks to Douglas for this FDC.

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