FDC: British Auto Legends

This is a classic Royal Mail FDC featuring some classic Britsh cars. Which of these British Auto Legends would you take for a spin?

Stamps FDC Cover UK 2013 British Auto Legends

Country: United Kingdom
Issue Date: 13th August 2013

Stamp Details

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Jaguar E-Type, 1961 (I’ll take this one)
  • Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, 1965
  • Aston Martin DB5, 1963 (a Bond car, as in James Bond)
  • MG MGB, 1962
  • Morgan Plus 8, 1968
  • Lotus Esprit, 1976 (also a Bond car)

A Good Runner

The odometer pictured in the commemorative cancel indicates the date of issue: 13813.

Under The Bonnet

The insert provides details and specs of these cars, and also describes the companion stamps that are part of this issue (the Workhorses, whereas the cars featured above are the Thoroughbreds). The “workhorses” are presumably featured on another FDC. Click the image below for easier reading.

Stamps FDC Cover UK 2013 British Auto Legends insert


  1. Have you ever noticed that the stamps show as much detail of the car as their original ad did.


    1. I agree, they do look like the photos you might see in a magazine back then. Beautiful cars though!


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