PEX: Singapore 2015

The World Stamp Exhibition visits Singapore in 2015, and SingPost is anticipating Singapore 2015 with 4 commemorative issues.

The theme of the exhibition is Stamps for all Ages. The commemorative issues take classic stamp designs from 1955, the 1960s, and 1970 and reissue them, to “revive the memories of collectors”. These issues are posted here (as many as I can collect).

Singapore 2015 – 1st Series

Presentation Pack – 1962-1966 Fishes, Orchids and Birds

This presentation pack features 2 stamps from the 1962-1966 Fishes, Orchids and Birds definitive stamps series. The cover is decorated with Singapore stamps through the years.

Singapore 2015 Presentation Pack 2012

Inside, the stamps are presented in a mount, and details of the presentation pack and the featured stamps are provided. Click the image below for easier reading.

Singapore 2015 Presentation Pack 2012

The back of the pack provides technical details of the issue.

Singapore 2015 Presentation Pack 2012

The pack is provided in a clear plastic cover for protection (not shown).

A Closer Look

Here are the stamps in more detail, with the Singapore 2015 logo.

Singapore 2015 Presentation Pack 2012

Country: Singapore
Issue Date: 31st August 2012

Stamp Details

  • Left: White-bellied Sea Eagle, Haliaeetus leucogaster
  • Right: Yellow-breasted Sunbird, Leptocoma jugularis

Singapore 2015 – 2nd Series

Cover – 1970: Osaka Expo

This cover carries the 2nd series of Singapore 2015 commemorative stamps, from the 1970: Osaka Expo issue, also featuring the Singapore 2015 logo.

Cover SG 2013 Singapore 2015 World Stamp Exhibition

Country: Singapore
Date: 27th August 2013
Issue Date: 23rd August 2013

Stamp Details

  • Left: Seashells
  • Right: Guppies, Peocilia reticulata

Thanks to Ai Lyn for this cover.

Note: Post updated 3rd September 2013


  1. These stamps are a re-hash from the 1962 pictorial Flower,Fish and Bird definitive series.


    1. Thanks Vera – the stamps certainly have an older look to them.


  2. I believe a country’s stamps indicate a lot about the country itself.


    1. I agree gpcox, Singapore stamps emphasize the natural world, which is at a premium in Singapore, I think.


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