FDC: Dr Who

Who among us is not a fan of the Doctor? This set of FDCs from Royal Mail is a shoo-in for one of my all-time favourites.

These FDCs commemorate 50 years of Dr Who – 1963 to 2013. Although, now that the 12th Doctor has been announced (Peter Capaldi), the set will soon be outdated.

The set is split across 3 FDCs, featuring the first 11 Doctors (“classic era”), the 3 new Doctors (“modern era”), and a souvenir sheet of the Tardis and some of the Doctor’s adversaries.

Country: United Kingdom
Date: 26th March 2013

FDC 1 – William Hartnell to Paul McGann

Dr Who FDC - UK 2013

Stamp Details

Starting lower right, moving left and up:

  • William Hartnell
  • Patrick Troughton
  • Jon Pertwee
  • Tom Baker
  • Peter Davison
  • Colin Baker
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Paul McGann

FDC 2 – Eccelstone, Tennant, and Smith

Dr Who FDC - UK 2013

Stamp Details

From right to left:

  • Christopher Ecclestone
  • David Tennant
  • Matt Smith

FDC 3 – souvenir sheet

Dr Who FDC - UK 2013

Stamp Details

  • Centre: The Tardis
  • Upper-left: The Daleks
  • Upper-right: The Ood
  • Lower-left: The Weeping Angels
  • Lower-right: The Cybermen


The inserts to the FDCs come in 2 varieties. They contain the same information, but the layout of each is different. The backgrounds are also different.

The insert for the classic-era Doctors starts from Hartnell and runs through to Smith, and the Tardis is monochrome.

The insert for the modern-era Doctors and the souvenir sheet FDC runs from Smith to Hartnell, and the Tardis is full colour.

Click the inserts below to read about each Doctor.

Dr Who FDC insert - UK 2013Dr Who FDC insert - UK 2013

The Tardis, as shown on the FDCs, is actually a cut-out. When you remove the insert, each Doctor appears in the cut-out, symbolic of the changing face of the Time Lord.

The TV Show

Doctor Who is a timeless TV show from the UK, practically a national treasure. The show is also very popular in the US. I heard on the radio that it is the most downloaded show in the US – of all shows, apparently, not just BBC America. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory watches Dr Who. And then, of course, it has the best theme tune of all time.

I grew up with Tom Baker as the Doctor, but I can still remember being genuinely terrified by the green slime and the Primords in “Inferno”, when Jon Pertwee was the doctor. Tremendous.

David Tennant was a very popular Doctor, but of the modern era, I think I liked Chistopher Ecclestone most. He was a likable Doctor, but seemed to possess a dark side that reminded viewers that the Doctor is not human, not like us.

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