David Bowie First Day Cover from Royal Mail

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the musical legacy of David Bowie, British musician, icon, and legend.

International Letter Writing Week stamps from Japan

While in the post office buying Japanese flower definitives, I spotted another favourite Japanese series: International Letter Writing Week. This issue is from 2016.

Japanese flower definitive stamps - cherry blossom

I have just got back from Japan (my favourite country). I went to the post office in Tokorozawa and couldn’t resist these flower definitives. (The sakura was still out around Mount Fuji.)

UK FDC Windsor Castle

This cover from Royal Mail carries 6 great photographic stamps featuring 3 external views and 3 internal views of Windsor Castle, a royal residence of the British monarchy.

UK FDC Post and Go Mail by Rail

This cover from Royal Mail carries Post & Go ATMs commemorating the contribution that the UK’s railways made to the postal system: Mail by Rail.


In some parts of the world it is Super Bowl Sunday. To celebrate the day, here is a cover from my American football collection.

This souvenir sheet caught my eye because it is shaped like a mango. I missed this item when I collected the issue a few years ago, so it goes into the collection.

Thailand Issue 919 Stamp with a Grain of Rice

This is the first post in an occasional series putting unusual stamps in the spotlight. This stamp is one of my favourites. It carries a fundamental symbol of Thailand, and considering what Thailand Post tried to do, I think it worked out very well. The issue commemorates the 83rd birthday anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol […]

Thailand 1120 FDC Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year is here and the Year of the Rooster has begun. Best wishes for the year ahead from Thailand. Will it be a good year for you?

Belgium Cover 1970s

When buying stamps online, sometimes you receive your purchase in a plain cover, perhaps with an unadorned printed postage label. And sometimes your purchase arrives in a great cover like this.

UK FDC Ancient Britain

This first day cover from Royal Mail carries an interesting set of stamps featuring archaeological artifacts juxtaposed with an artist’s impression of people and places from prehistory: Ancient Britain.

FDC USA Football Coaches

Super Bowl LI, the pinnacle of the NFL American football season, is almost upon us. I’ve started a new topical collection on the theme of American football and here is my first item: the Football Coaches issue from USPS in 1997.

USA National Parks Forever stamps

This cover from the USA carries 2 of the USPS National Parks forever stamps.

Cover USA 2016

This cover from the USA carries a nice group of stamps from the previous century featuring birds and flowers.

Stamps NZ Tribute to the Army

This block of stamps with selvage is part of the 1946 Peace and Victory issue from New Zealand. The 4d value shown here is titled Tribute to the Army.

USPS 50th Anniversary of Star Trek

These stamps from USPS commemorate the 50th anniversary of the television show Star Trek appearing on our screens.

USA 2016 Nativity

This cover carries one of the USPS Holiday stamps commemorating Christmas.

Thailand Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2005

This issue from Thailand Post commemorates International Letter Writing Week (2005) with 4 stamps (with selvage) featuring an iconic animal from the Thai countryside: the water buffalo.

UK Stamps: Owens Dinosauria

This set of stamps from Royal Mail commemorates the first use of the word “dinosaur” by Sir Richard Owen, a British paleontologist, in 1841.

Stamps Thailand: Buddha Images

This set of elegant stamps commemorates Buddha images in several historical styles found in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Sri Lanka Stamps: Viceroy Special

This issue from Sri Lanka commemorates the Viceroy Special steam locomotive. StampWorld indicates that this is the 25th anniversary issue.

Miniature Sheet Thailand: International Letter Writing Week 1993

This miniature sheet from Thailand Post commemorates International Letter Writing Week (1993) with 4 stamps featuring Thai ridgeback dogs.

Sri Lanka Souvenir Sheet: Solar System

This souvenir sheet from Sri Lanka features another great set of astrophilately stamps: the Solar System, comprising the Sun, 8 planets, and the Earth’s moon.

Stamps Thailand: Parrots

This beautifully illustrated issue from Thailand Post features 4 species of parrots that are found in the kingdom.

UK stamps: D-Day

These stamps from Royal Mail commemorate the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France.